Comfort in Ctrl

Sometimes, we may be feeling a little down with our current situation. Sometimes we might wish we had someone who could relate to our situation.

When I don’t have a friend who can relate to my current situation, I find comfort in music.

Although there are countless songs and albums that I’m sure can relate to your current situation, today I’m going to focus on the most relatable album I’ve listened to. I’m going to single out a few songs from the album Ctrl by SZA.  I love this album because SZA put all her insecurities on blast.

Bringing awareness to her most sensitive insecurities out in front of the whole world was extremely brave. I commend SZA for this type of bravery because her transparency helped millions of people be able to be honest about their own insecurities with themselves.

I hope you’ll take a moment in your free time to listen to one of the songs I mention, you may be able take something away from one of her songs.


“Drew Barrymore” - This song addresses being lonely and settling for less than you deserve. This song also addressing not knowing or forgetting self-worth.

“Normal Girl” - This song is about feeling unaccepted for being something other than the status quo. In this song, SZA talks about being viewed as an outsider. This song also gives hope that you will be in a better predicament than whatever situation you may be in the moment that may be holding you back.

“20 Something” - This song discusses the feeling of being left behind in life and leaving people behind as well. In our twenties, we are at an age where some individuals may seem to have it all together, while others may currently be at the same stage in life they were in high school (not saying that’s a bad thing). A lot takes place between ages 20 and 29, some people are focusing on education while some are focusing on marriage and children.  The “twenties” is such a broad era when it comes to what stage in life an individual may be at. This song is perfect if you’re feeling a little behind or if you feel life is suddenly moving kind of fast.