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Becoming The “Frugal” College Student

Being a college student comes with many benefits such as impromptu hangouts with friends, exploring subjects that sparks your interest, coming and going as you please, not having to worry about bills, and of course late-night escapades with your best girlfriends; partying.

On the flip side, being a college student can be a bit rough especially when it comes to finances. The expenses of living on campus, meal plans, impromptu shopping trips, transportation and let’s not forget about those overly priced textbooks can leave you running to the bank or financial aid for some relief.

However, making a few adjustments to your spending habits could lessen the dent in your wallet. Here are a few money-saving tips that will help you keep a few coins in your pocket!

1. Rent or buy used textbooks: Buying college textbooks outright can be pretty expensive. However, opting to rent a textbook or by a used one will be more cost effective. Besides, most textbooks are useless after the end of the semester.

2. Limit your dining expenditures:  Though cafeteria food can be unnerving at times, opting to dine-out or eating elsewhere on campus can create a dent in your wallet, which is why its necessary to limit the amount of times you dine out. 

3. Apply for Scholarships: Although the application process for applying for scholarships can be time consuming and often require typed essays, refusing to apply is like leaving money on the table. Besides, who doesn’t like a surprise pay day once in a while.

4. Don’t splurge too much: Everyone likes refreshing their wardrobe from time to time. However, as a college student, your finances are very limited, which means an impromptu splurge could break your bank account. So, the next your thinking about splurging on some new outfits, remember every dollar counts. Besides, your professors could care less about your fashion sense.

Furthermore, making a few adjustments to your spending habits will help you save some money and keep some of that financial stress at bay.

I'm Kyra Wilkins who is a freshmen majoring in communications and an aspiring journalist. I am able to explore my creative side through writing. I am excited to be able to be a voice for others.
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