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Are Prominent Pop Stars Claiming To Be Woke Purely For Publicity Reasons?

Within the past few years there has been a recent trend of singers exclaiming their newfound social consciousness to the public. This is especially true in the wake of the trump administration. Notable musicians include Katy Perry, Hasley and Nikki Minaj. All three have seemingly out of nowhere become socially aware and outspoken about controversial social issues where they previously had no interests in such topics. In fact several of these artists, (Perry and Minaj) in particular have had a history of making provocative choices in their music that have offended certain demographics, people of color especially. Katy Perry received backlash from Japanese Americans for her dressing as a geisha in her “Unconditionally” music video being accused for cultural appropriation. While Minaj was in boiling water by many black activists for her disrespectful cover of civil rights leader Malcolm X.

Also, these are not the only instances of these women being criticized for scandalous decisions nor where they their last. Whereas Halsey has gotten relatively recent flack for her contradictory statements and actions. She had chastised and downright insult controversial rapper Iggy Azalea for her history of being disrespectful towards African American culture. But, Halsey herself has been noted for referring to Grammy winning and esteemed rapper Kendrick Lamar as “urban” which she was reprimanded for as it was dismissive of the artist and the hip-hops/rap genre itself. As well as hypocritically working with Migos member Quavo on a song even though the group is notorious for putting homophobic comments in some of their songs and Halsey being openly bisexual herself. Many critics of these musicians have noted that these people seem to only proclaim how “woke” they are simply for their own personal benefit, whether it to be for be for financial or social support with their current occupational problems. Whether it be Halsey wanting to be recognized as a phenomenal alternative singer, Perry attempting to direct attention to her recent Witness album or Minaj frustrated that her music is not getting the musical nominations she feels she deserves, especially in contrast to singers like Taylor Swift. As few of these stars rarely ever bring awareness to serious social or political issues present in nationally nor internationally. With all of these behaviors taken into consideration it is no surprise these women are deemed opportunists by many. 

Jeanie Amara is currently attend Salisbury University and her major is Graphic Design. She would like to work on an animation team as her dream career. An interesting fact about her is that she is bilingual in Spanish and is able to create videos using Adobe premiere.
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