Airbnb: Benefits and Tips!

As young students, we are often put in a compromising position: the need for wanderlust paired with our empty pockets. What a lot of people have found increasingly helpful over the years is using Airbnb. To find out what makes Airbnb different from traditional hotels and how someone can become a host, I talked to experienced host Kimberly Rodriguez.

HC: So, exactly what is Airbnb?

“Airbnb is an opportunity for anyone to be their boss. You’re and independent party that rents out your home or some part of it for profit. That’s the basic premise.”

HC: And how does that differ from other businesses?

“Well, what stands out the most about Airbnb is the home status. Most times when you travel, people think hotel, rental car, etc., but these days that has changed. You need to get somewhere, you call an Uber. If you want to stay somewhere, why overpay for a hotel that doesn’t have nearly the amount of coziness and personal touch you would find at an Airbnb. That’s what I think stands out the most. The hosts, the people. It’s personal.”

HC: How did you get into hosting?

“I got into hosting out of want[ing] to not be in such a regimented work life like a 9 to 5. I started by renting out a space in my apartment and it helped pay the rent. Soon enough, it paid all the rent and friends started to notice. They asked, ‘Hey Kim, can you do that for me,’ and I figured, why not and started charging to help.”

HC: How do I find pieces for your apartments?

“The design always starts with the bare bones of the apartment itself. If there is a bright light, if there are modern features, I mimic those designs in what I search for. If it’s a brownstone, for example, I’ll look for older pieces and complements. I spent so much time just grabbing cool pieces for the chance they’ll be used. IKEA is the secret weapon to get the little details complete.”


What also stands out about Airbnb, is anyone can do it. It is a good way for people right out of college or even families to make money. Here are some tips to consider when creating a space for Airbnb, or even just to brighten up your own living area.

1. Pick your style and use colors that you love.

Make sure to pick colors that make you happy when walking into the room.


2. Be patient, perfection takes time.

Sometimes, the perfect find can take months. It’s better than settling for something that doesn’t compliment the space.


3. Find a few thrift stores you like near you and visit them often.

Thrift stores are PERFECT for people on a budget. They have nearly everything.


4. Ikea will always fill in when you’re on a budget.

Can’t find something while thrifting? Ikea is always the way to go for something quick and quality.


5. Ask your friends to lookout for great finds too.

It’s all about being in the right place at the right time.


6. If you don’t love it, don’t buy it.

This goes back to patience. Find a piece that truly compliments the surroundings.


7. Don’t ever skimp on the really important things.

Things like sheets and pillows are really important for a comfortable experience.