6 Simple Ways to Get Your Life Together

Majority of the time it is a little hard to get our lives organized, and not feel like we are failing at life. But don’t stress any longer! Take a deep breath and follow these tips/changes you can make to your everyday life to make it easier and productive.


  1. Set realistic money goals that you can stick to.

For example, paying your bills within 24 hours, setting a budget that works (allocating 50% of each paycheck to fixed living expenses etc.


2.Do your grocery shopping and meal prepping on the weekends.

Buying and preparing your food on Sunday will save you time, money and stress throughout the week.


3. Learn some simple bodyweight exercises

Regular exercises will clear your head, give you energy, and take away some daily stress.


4. Buy a planner and write your daily activities in it

Paper or electronic you need a way to keep track of your daily activities and commitments.


5. Make your bed

Making your bed every day is a small but productive habit that will lead to many others.


6. Keep a piggy bank or coin jar

If you are anything like me you have loose coins in your pockets, bags, dresser, sofa, EVERYWHERE! Try to make it a habit to collect those coins, and put them in a jar and the end of the day.


Start working these tips into your everyday routine, you’ll have your life together in no time!