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The 6 Signs You Had an Emo Phase in Middle School

Ah, I fondly remember the days of teasing my hair, overdoing the black liner and choosing which band apparel I wanted to rep for my peers.  As cringeworthy as this period was, it’s shaped me into the person I am today. It was around this time that I truly developed my music tastes and was introduced to the world of portable music through a 4th generation iPod Nano (ancient I know).

I love vibing to R&B, Rap and Hip-hop but you can most certainly catch me singing along and jamming to my favorite Rock, and heavy metal throwbacks. I’ve come to realize that this phenomenon wasn’t exclusive to just my middle school class. Several of my friends admit they proudly labeled themselves emo. We listened to the same music and had a fashion sense almost identical to each other.

If you considered yourself to be a part of the emo and scene culture or were unwillingly surrounded by it, you may be familiar with the following. 

1.You basically lived inside Hot Topic

Hot Topic was the emo/scene central. Most of my classmates and I bought our band merch, jewelry and fingerless gloves here. The edgy and dark atmosphere of the store makes it unique to other retail chains. It’s also what made most parents question why their children wanted to shop here and not Forever 21.

2. All black everything

Just like your soul 

3. Your walls, and notebooks were covered with band posters

It wasn’t enough to listen to your favorite bands 24/7 you had to put your appreciation on display for the world to see. My favorite band of all time is Panic! at the Disco so it wasn’t a surprise that their faces were glued to my notebooks. Paramore and my chemical romance made an appearance as well. Your wall might’ve looked like the one below. 


4. So.much.eyeliner 

No outfit was complete without some black liner on the lower lash line.

5. The music became your emotional outlet. It spoke to you, so there are songs you will never forget.

“I write sins not tragedies”-Panic at the disco

“Check yes Juliet”-

“The great escape”-

“The Black Parade”- My chemical romance

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams”- Green Day

“Numb”- Lincoln Park

“Viva la vida”- Coldplay

“Misery Business”- Paramore

Just to name a few. The music had an ability to make you feel the singer’s emotion on a personal level. Some songs still remind me of past crushes, heartbreak and embarrassing moments. *sigh*

6. You probably listened to a lot of Eminem

When you weren’t listening to your usual Rock, you probably bopped your head to the Real Slim Shady. Probably because his music channeled anger from his past. Nothing like hearing an artist talk about murdering his wife to make you feel teenage angst.

Although you’ve changed, your emo self will never disappear. Maybe you still haven’t grown out of this culture. Either way, own up to that part of you!

Anjelique Wilson is a senior at Salisbury University, majoring in Communication arts. She loves musical theater and hopes to obtain a career in the arts. You'll often catch her singing along to musicals and watching her favorite youtubers. She joined her campus to be involved with a platform that allows her to freely express herself
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