5 Things to Know Before Getting Your Nose Pierced

I've wanted to get my nose pierced for over a year and I was finally able to get it done! It's been two weeks since my piercing and I'm extremely happy with my results and how well my nose is healing. I thought it would be a good idea to share five quick tips on what I think are important for you to know if you were considering getting a piercing

1. Research well.

This sound pretty obvious, but excitement can cloud judgment a lot of the time. Don't just go anywhere because you really want a piercing, search around. Look at pictures of previous work, compare prices, and ask friends!


2. Try to trust the piercers suggested judgment.

When it comes to ring placement remember piercers have pierced many noses so it's likely they know what will fit best. If I had gone with the ring placement I wanted initially, I'm 100 percent I would have regretted it.


3. Say NO to table salt.

When cleaning your new piercing, it is recommended that you clean with sea salt and water, however, it is important that the salt is non-iodized. Iodine is found in common household table salt, so this cannot be used as a substitute. As another way to clean your piercing, consider using saline solution. The spray bottle forms are extremely convenient.


4. Don’t over clean.

Sometimes over cleaning can cause irritation or even bleeding. To ensure a fast healing process, the ring needs to rest and not move constantly. The fresh piercing needs to “scab up” a bit and heal. Cleaning too much will prevent that from happening, so be cautious.


5. Clean you glasses.

If you wear glasses like I do, you will quickly realize it’s pretty much impossible to wear your glasses comfortable for at least three days of getting your nose pierced. Once your nose has healed enough to allow you to wear your glasses like a regular person, always remember to clean your glasses and frame regularly. Your glasses can carry so much bacteria and body oils, which is constantly rubbing on your nose. Keeping your specs as clean as possible will prevent inflections to your new piercing.