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The 4 Questions Computer Sciences Majors Are Tired Of Hearing

When you’re in college, no matter what major you declare, there are always a set of super annoying questions you get asked constantly. While I’m technically only three semesters into my Computer Science program, between my family and my friends, there are a list of questions I’m absolutely positively just about tired of hearing and I’m 100 percent sure all my fellow Computer Science majors can relate as well.

1. Which is better? iPhone or Android?

  • IDK! Please stop asking me this. It’s your own preference. If you ask me which one is better, I’m going to tell you #TeamiPhone, but that would be my own biased opinion because I ride hard for my Apple products. My response would not, nor will it ever be based on me being a Comp Sci major because the two do not correlate.


2. So if I take my computer apart can you put it back together for me?

  • hahaHAHA…no *rolls eyes*

3.  Wow, Isn’t Comp Sci like super hard?

  • Obviously, the answer to this question varies for each person you ask but personally, YES! It’s the reason I’m growing gray hairs. However, Its gotten less difficult over the past semesters. Overall it’s a challenge I enjoy having. 


4. I bet you’re really good in math.

  • Sorry to disappoint but no I’m not, not at all actually. I hate math and everyday I wish I never have to see it again but I know that’s an unrealistic wish. I know enough math to get by and to pass exams.


Irene Senaya

Salisbury '20

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