Why You Need to Drop Everything and Start Watching Stranger Things

I’ll admit it. I like to stick to the dramas. You know, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, Friday Night Lights—you just can’t go wrong. That being said, I’m not normally one to advocate for Sci-Fi or horror types of films/shows, but this is different. Maybe it’s because of those adorable kids, or maybe it’s the mystery that really grabs your attention. If you’re skeptical, I totally understand, I was too. But let me be the one to convince you otherwise. So, why should you give Stranger Things a try?


Winona Ryder stars in the show

That’s right, the iconic mid 80s/90s actress whose relationship with Johnny Depp took the entertainment world by storm. She’s back. Your heart goes out to her character in her moving portrayal of a distraught mother.


It’s not all horror, there’s a bit of humor too!

You can always count on Dustin to crack a joke, whether it’s about food or showing off his compass skills, he’s sure to lighten the mood.


There’s that feel of a major throwback (like before my time throwback) with a twist of the supernatural world.

For anyone who grew up in the 80s, you’ll get major feels of nostalgia, remembering those funny looking jeans you’d wear or the music you’d listen to. But you’ll also stay intrigued with the supernatural world that appears.


Did I mention the adorable kids yet?

I mean they rode their bikes around at the Emmy’s. Handing out pb&j sandwiches. DOES IT GET ANY BETTER?


It’s an actual mystery.

No predictable drama here. And thank goodness it’s on Netflix because you can binge watch the entire season, so no need to worry about waiting until next week after that cliffhanger!

Okay, so maybe I was a litttlllee on edge after watching the first episode.

But just give the show a try, you won’t be disappointed. And for all those mouth breathers (once you watch, you’ll be let in on the inside jokes) that refuse to watch, your loss.