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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Saint Mary's chapter.

My freshman year of college I chopped all of my hair off, going from hair that once reached past my shoulders to barely above my ear. My long hair was something I had always been complimented for, people would mention they didn’t agree with my choices to get even a simple trim because they “liked my longer hair so much better.” Except… I didn’t like my hair long. My hair is thick enough to make any hairdresser’s eyes widen when they first feel just how muh is there. Long and thick hair is heavy, hot, and burdensome to style most days than not. Cutting my hair into a pixie freed me not only from hair that I hated, but the expectation that I needed it to feel beautiful. 

Of course there were some days I woke up late for class and had a pixie bedhead I was unsure how to style, but most days I felt great with just a stylish headband and my natural hair. Having a pixie cut not only allowed me to notice all the beuatiful things I could love about my face, but growing it out helped show me how I could be beautiful with tons of different hair lengths and styles. While I’ve grown my hair out again since then, if I could go back and have a pixie cut again I would want to take even more risks with my hairstyle. 

Getting a pixie cut pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to feel in control of how I viewed meself, and long hair or short, I learned I was beautiful either way. 


A senior at Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame, IN studying Theatre, Film, and English. An avid lover of indie films, thrift stores, and color coding. Trying to do it all, sometimes succeeding.