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Welcome Home Class of 2022

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Saint Mary's chapter.

By Susana Guerrero

“Welcome to the Sisterhood” I’m sure you’ve received hundreds of emails, or even postcards with that written on it, but seriously WELCOME TO THE SISTERHOOD CLASS OF 2022. When I read those words over and over again as a high school senior I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, but it was the best decision of my life, and now here I am finishing my first year of college having had the best experiences and memories a girl could ask for. I’m not going to lie, moving thousands of miles away from home wasn’t easy, and at first, I missed the comfort of my bed and home A LOT, but within days of being here I started to call this place home, and felt the comfort here as I once felt at home. I want every single one of you to be able to love this place as much as I do, and to feel like you’re at home every time you walk/drive/transpo/blinkie down the Ave. So here are a few tips to make this year the best yet:

Don’t be afraid to step out of comfort zone and meet new people

I’m sure you will hear this over and over again during orientation week, but it’s true. The best friends I’ve met are the ones that I met in the most random ways, washing my hands in the bathroom, getting water at the dining hall, and even walking into random rooms with the door open and just introducing yourself. Every first year is in the same boat as you, and I promise every is trying to find their group so don’t be afraid to smile and say hi.


Take a chance and take a class you never thought about taking before

As Sister Madaleva said “We promise you discovery: the discovery of yourselves, discovery of the universe, and your place in it”, and I promise you SMC will deliver, but you will need to take steps out of your comfort zone in order to do so. Take classes that will challenge your way of thinking, and that will open your eyes of ways of thinking you never imagined before because you’re here to learn and you might as well make those thousands of dollars count.

Get involved

There is no better way to get to know people, and especially people that enjoy the same things as you than to join clubs or teams. The best thing about Saint Mary’s is that you have a ton of opportunities whether within Saint Mary’s or even Holy Cross and Notre Dame, so take advantage of all the activity fairs and find what you love.

Call your parents

I know, I know, college is supposed to be your way to get away from your parents and “be free” but trust me your parents miss you more than you can actually imagine, and because of them you are here enjoying this beautiful place. So, a call every other week won’t harm, and your parents will really appreciate it.


Stay true to who you are Meeting new people can be intimidating, and you might be afraid that they won’t like you for who you are, or for the choices you make, but at the end the best friends you’ll make are those that love you for who you are, and that appreciate you despite any flaw, so don’t be afraid to say no, and to stay true to your beliefs


Colleen Zewe

Saint Mary's '18

I love fall, holidays, PSLs and forcing my dog to take pictures with me for Snapchat.