Websites to Help With the Internship Search

This time last year, my stress levels were through the roof as I desperately tried to line up a summer internship. Some of the more competitive, paid internship applications are due in December, and it felt like crunch time. Now that I'm on the hunt for a real job, I appreciate everything I learned in the internship application process. Looking back, some websites I used in the job hunt were much more helpful than others, and here are my three website recommendations.


LinkedIn isn't just great for building a professional network and making connections- they also have a great database of available jobs. While job sites like Monster and Zip Recruiter feel hard to navigate thanks to the thousands of advertisements, LinkedIn is almost ad-free. You can search by experience required (intern, entry level, etc), location, job function (marketing, finance, etc) industry (from fashion to food!), see if any SMC alumni are at the company, and see who posted the job, so you always have a real point of contact, not a random, anonymous email.


Glassdoor helps figure out the company culture and what life would actually be like working for the company. Employee reviews, average salaries/wages and pictures of the office are all super helpful in considering an internship, especially if you (hopefully!) have multiple offers.

The Muse

The first step in finding an internship is preparation: preparing your resume, preparing for interviews, preparing to impress on the job, preparing to follow up with your supervisor later when you need a job or recommendation... The Muse's articles are all geared towards helping people successfully interview, craft the perfect resume, perform well on the job, and keep in touch with past employers. I definitely recommend checking their website every now and again for career tips.

Of course, these are just some of many helpful career websites! If you need any more career help or want to know what other websites are credible or helpful, trying visiting the Career Crossings Office!