The Toys You Always Asked For: Presents from Christmas Past

It's only TWO WEEKS until Christmas!!!

Except, it doesn't feel like Christmas.

As you get older, the Christmas spirit f̶a̶d̶e̶s̶ changes. Instead of feeling all excited about what Santa will bring you and if you'll hear the reindeer on the roof, you're just hoping church isn't so crowded your standing (Christeasters!!) and that you got money instead of junk you don't need.

Ah, the Christmas spirit!

Christmas is still wonderful, of course, but it's different. The excitement for presents is replaced by sweet nostalgia and appreciation for family and home (Especially after being away for college!) But honestly, nostalgia is a wonderful feeling. Right now, I'm nostalgic for all the presents I begged Santa to bring (and got super annoyed when he didn't). Here are some of the gifts we all craved as kids:

Tamagotchi  I remember always having to get a pin to hit "reset" when it died.

Webkinz Welcome to the Curio Shop. Hope you find what you're lookin for.

TyGirlz Actually I might be the only one who played with these, I don't know.

A Nintendo DS, WITH Nintendogs!

American Girl Dolls

Felicity was the best, period. And I watch the Samantha movie every Christmas, no shame.

These things, whatever they were called:

Doodle Bears Does anyone remember these bears you could draw on then throw in the wash? I remember getting one for Christmas and being OBSESSED. 

Polly Pocket I had this exact play set and LOVED it. It was a water fountain and there were little lights that made the water look colorful.

My Scene Dolls It's My Scene (my scene), you know what I mean.

Pixel Chix