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The Stages Of Attending Your First Dorm Party

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Saint Mary's chapter.

So you and your friends have decided to try your hands at a dorm party.

You finally find the perfect outfit, so you head downstairs to wait for the shuttle.

The shuttle arrives and girls pile in. I mean PILE in.

A quick ride later, and you’re released onto Notre Dame’s campus.

You and your pack start to follow the sound of music.

And then…you find it. A dorm party.

But then you realize you can’t get in unless someone lets you in. A brave soul steps forward.

You’re not sure which floor to go to, so you take a guess.

You get off and start searching. Watch out, an RA!

A door opens and you catch a glimpse of a party. Your friends start piling in. 

You’ve made it!

You think you see someone you know…

but then you realize you know absolutely no one there.

Someone hands you a drink.

Someone bribes you into dancing.

You give up and decide to people watch.

A group ventures to the bathroom.

You find a poor soul…and comfort them.

The group emerges from the bathroom with a second wind.

You start flirting…

Just when the night is getting good, and RA stops by and says it is parietals. 

You flee the scene.

Someone asks if you want to go to a house party or back to the comfort of your own bed. 

But then someone suggests ordering pizza and heading home.

And that sounds perfect.

You head back to your room, eat delicious pizza, and fall asleep faster than you can say, “Let’s do it again.”


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