Reasons to Appreciate the Dining Hall

When you get to be a senior, most people switch to Belles Blue and are so excited to be out of the dining hall! I'm one of the only seniors still rocking the 14 meal plan. That said, after hearing the woes of my cooking friends, there are a few upsides to the dining hall.



The best part of the DH is the convenience. My friends who have to cook have to actually carve time out of their day to do so. Its a huge pain when you come back from a long day of classes feeling super hungry and realizing you have to actually prepare something before you can eat it. With the DH, you can just swipe in and grab whatever you want!

Fresh Food

So, the DH's food isn't THAT fresh, and our salad bar isn't huge, but it is better than constantly paying money for your own spinach and having it go bad after 3 days when you've barely used half the bag. The struggle of buying food for one is real. Vegetables, bread and fruit all go bad/moldy long before you have time to eat it, which means both the food and your money go down the drain. Many of my friends complain that they actually eat less healthy now because they don't have time or money to buy produce and cook it, which means microwave mac every night.

They actually do have seasonings

When I lived on my own this summer, I had to cook for myself, and I was shocked/shook that I actually had to purchase salt and pepper and any other seasonings to make my food taste good. The DH's chicken may be bland as hell, but by the spaghetti/weird vegetable area, there are an array of powders and spices to spice up your life (or at least your bland food).


Nothing is better than all sitting around one of those big circular tables, talking, laughing and complaining about the food with your friends. My friends and I will always love and miss the times we spent in the DH together, so cherish them now!