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Lessons and Blessings

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Saint Mary's chapter.

Dear Class of 2022,

Saint Mary’s College has introduced me to the most amazing people: from coworkers who became honorary big sisters, to professors who cook yummy food for their classes, to the girls of McCandless third floor who became my closest friends. 

Here are fourteen lessons to learn from the fourteen inspiring people I spend the most amount of time with. I could go on and on about these amazing women, (and many more belles too) but here are just fourteen things to keep in mind as you prepare for the adventure of a lifetime: ambition, authenticity, “boss belle”, faith, family, fearlessness, gentleness, intentionality, joy, perseverance, perspective, selflessness, whimsy, and wisdom. 

Something to learn from Becca is AMBITION. She is determined in all that she does and dreams big! Class of 2022, set goals and see to it that they become a reality! 

Something to learn from Mary Grace is AUTHENTICITY. She loves people unapologetically and doesn’t try to be anybody else but herself. Future belles, stay true to yourself and see how much you’ll inspire other people! 

Something to learn from Lilly is how to be a BOSS BELLE. She gets involved with so many things on campus (and thrives at each one) and fosters friendships with everyone she meets. Future belles, be empowered to get involved with clubs and sports and make tons of friends along the way!

Something to learn from Kelly H is FAITH. She teaches other people about her faith with so much energy and gives all glory to God. Hold onto your faith and find ways to make it flourish (we recommend Dillon Hall’s Milkshake Mass on Thursdays at 10pm)!

Something to learn from Jenna is FAMILY. She treats everyone like family and is hospitable to all. Future freshmen, this SMC/ND/HCC community is one big, happy family; enjoy it!

Something to learn from Susi is FEARLESSNESS. She isn’t afraid to stand up for justice or break out into the cotton-eyed Joe at random. If you have any concerns or have something to say in class, don’t be afraid to speak up and express yourself!

Something to learn from Emily is GENTLENESS. She is compassionate to everyone and gives the best hugs! Class of 2022, some days are cold and dreary, be the much-needed comfort in your friends’ lives!

Something to learn from Kelly B is INTENTIONALITY. She gives her undivided attention to whomever she is conversing with. Be intentional with everything you do and be totally present in those precious moments with your belles!

Something to learn from Claire is JOY. She’s always up for late-night games of Taboo or Greatest Showman piano serenades. Future freshmen, savor every little moment of this upcoming year: it will be filled with joy!

Something to learn from Nicole is PERSEVERANCE. She is a great planner and manages school, sports, and friendships so beautifully! Time management and balance are keys to life at SMC! 

Something to learn from Meghan is PERSPECTIVE. She knows so much about so many things and looks at the world with a wonderful perspective! Learn everything you can, from the history of World War II to Justin Bieber’s dance moves to Korean language…it will benefit you to have a well-rounded perspective on life and knowledge that will stay with you! 

Something to learn from Cassie is SELFLESSNESS. She would give up anything for the sake of her friends and puts love into action. Class of 2022, don’t forget to love your friends, roommates, and classmates!

Something to learn from Bridget is WHIMSY. She is adventurous and never fails to bring smiles to people. Future belles, even though you’ll be in college next year, there’s always time for whimsical fun like Disney sing-alongs and designing your dream house!

Something to learn from Lia is WISDOM. She always thinks about things thoroughly and is considerate of everyone. Class of 2022, always be prudent in decision-making and conscientious of yourself and others!

Something to learn from me? Pray the Hail Mary and be open to amazing friendships. 




P.S. NEVER miss an opportunity to walk by the front of LeMans

Just an indecisive, first-year belle trying to discover the universe and her place in it.
Colleen Zewe

Saint Mary's '18

I love fall, holidays, PSLs and forcing my dog to take pictures with me for Snapchat.