How To Wear Black and White Stripes For Every Season



Black and white striped shirts and dresses are very popular right now. They go with just about any outfit, can be worn in any temperature, and look great no matter the season! When paired correctly, stripes could be any girl’s best asset this year.


A short sleeve striped shirt can be put in a combination with just about anything. My personal favorite outfit for the fall is a striped shirt and olive jacket. When paired with some skinnies and converse, a girl can be prepared for anything the day might throw at her.


One doesn’t typically associate a black a white striped shirt with winter, but the trend is completely doable. With some black and white converse and a warm black jacket, you can keep warm and look great.


A black and white dress makes the outfit component for spring. You can mix it with bright colors, a light jacket, some sneakers, or all of the above for the perfect ensemble. The outfit can easily be adjusted for warmer or colder weather.


For summer, either a striped dress or t-shirt work perfectly. With some big shades and a summer hat, you can be ready for a day in the shade. The outfit can be dressed up with some wedges or heels, as well as dressed down with some black flip-flops.


So, no matter what time of year it is, or how warm or cold it is, stripes are the perfect addition to a wardrobe. With some fun accessories and shoes, try out one of these fantastic outfit ideas! 


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