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How To Be The Mom Friend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Saint Mary's chapter.

The “mom” friend – everyone has one. Someone who makes sure you get home safely, take your vitamins, and has anything you could possibly need in her Mary Poppins-esque bag. Being the “mom” of your friend group is all about preparation. Here’s how to become the best “mom” friend ever – or at least be better prepared than a Boy Scout.

Supplies – Keep these in your purse or backpack!

  1. Snacks – You never know when hunger may strike you or your friends. Keep a granola bar handy for those moments.

  2. Hand sanitizer – Take advantage of Bath & Body Works’ sales and pick up a bunch of their mini hand sanitizers. The “mom” friend is all about keeping yourself free from germs and completely clean healthy at all times.

  3. Band-Aids – Perfect for a developing blister from those cute shoes you just had to wear or protecting a paper cut.

  4. Hair ties – Sometimes your hair just gets in the way of getting things done. Never ask another girl for another hair tie again and keep a pack in your bag.

  5. Makeup bag – Keep your “essentials” close by, such as mascara, eyeliner, concealer, chapstick, deodorant, and body spray, and you’ll never have an excuse to not look your best.

  6. Gum or breath mints – Never have an excuse to have bad breath or just

  7. Tampons – Aunt Flo sucks. Be prepared.

  8. Pepper spray – Safety first! This is a necessity especially if you’re gonna be alone. If you don’t need it at a certain point in time, the mom friend is definitely the type to lend it to a friend who may benefit from it at a certain point in time.

  9. Zip ties – Maybe the pack of zip ties I keep in my car will come in handy some day. Fix a broken necklace clasp, replace a broken zipper, zip tie a bad guy’s hands together? The list is neverending.

  10. Planner – A true “mom” friend uses a paper planner as “writing things down makes you more likely to remember things”. Planners like the Erin Condren Life Planner are colorful and are easily customizable to everyone’s planning needs. Pro Tip: The “mom” friend buys a new planner well ahead of the next year to be prepared, therefore I will be buying my third EC planner soon.


Behavior – Just some minor behavioral changes that are key to really capturing the “mom” friend persona!

  1. Utilize “Find My Friends” – ONLY with your friends’ permission. A true “mom” friend is all about safety – not invasion of personal privacy. Discuss whether or not sharing locations with each other will make you feel safer and be helpful in case you get separated share locations with your friends if you’re going out somewhere, like a party.

  2. “Text me when you get there!” – Your real mom is always worried about you, and so is your “mom” friend. Appease the one in closest proximity to you and text your “mom” friend when you “get there”.

  3. “Can I get you anything?” – Your “mom” friend’s not trying to be annoying; she just wants to help and probably likes doing things for others and being helpful. If you don’t need anything, let her down easy and tell her you’ll let her know if you do need something.

  4. “He did WHAT now?!” – The “mom” friend is into all things juicy and full of drama (she probably secretly or very publicly enjoys reality TV), so don’t be afraid to tell her what that one boy did to annoy you. And if he hurts you, she’ll probably be the one to go after him because just like a mama bear protects her cubs, the “mom” friend is always there for her girlfriends.

  5. “I love you!” – Your mother has a love for you like none other, and your “mom” friend probably considers you like family as well. Her “I love yous” are just her way of making sure you know how much she appreciates you.


Becoming the “mom” friend takes time, but above all it’s about one thing: love for your friends. Thank your mother and thank your “mom” friend today – they do a lot, but they love doing it.

Grace Kelly

Saint Mary's '20

Grace is a senior at Saint Mary's College pursuing a degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. She's a Kansas native and Hoosier transplant nine months out of the year and when not doing homework, writing for HC or her blog (www.agraceintheworld.com), you can find her binge-watching Netflix or Hulu, dancing like nobody's watching, cheering on the Fighting Irish, napping, or hanging out with family and friends.  
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