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With football season rearing into full throttle, and trash-talk of Notre Dame’s opponents clogging up the Yik Yak feed, I’m getting anxious. But I’m not anxious in the sense of, “My life is going to end if Notre Dame doesn’t pull through.” No, my uneasiness is much, much deeper than that.

What am I going to wear on Saturday?

If, like me, you’re having trouble finding stylish ways to amp up your gameday outfit, have no fear; I’ve done some soul searching (in the form of asking my roommate/friends/upperclassmen for help), and ta-da! Here are four trends to sport this football season:

1. Temporary tattoos

Channel your inner Mike Tyson and show your Irish pride with temporary facial tattoos. But be sure not to go way overboard–one shamrock or “go irish!” will suffice. Nothing says, “I love Notre Dame!” more than a tattoo that literally says, “I love Notre Dame!”


2. Neon green shorts

In a mad flurry of khaki and white and dark blue shorts, one pair stands alone: her name is Neon green. Although she may be a little obnoxious, she’s definitely an attention grabber. I found this super cute pair at J.Crew Factory, and you can bet I’ll be wearing them to a few games.

3. Notre Dame bow

Maybe it’s left over from my days as a high school cheerleader, but I’ve always been a big fan of the high ponytail. To top off this sleek and preppy look, head on down to Hammes and grab a pack of Notre Dame bows. Even if you’re not ready for the 1980’s Madonna-high ponytail, try 1970’s Cher on for size. No matter what height your ponytail is, an ND bow is sure to add a super cute touch.


And last but not least…

4. Gold beaded necklace(s)

Unlike in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, you don’t need to flash anyone to get these! Almost every dollar store carries beaded necklaces. And if you can’t find them at the store, I’m sure there will be some left lying around in the student section. (It’s not stealing if no one is looking for it…right??

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