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Fabulous Summer Legs Thanks to Our #HCSurvivalKits!

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A running joke among my friends is that I haven’t shaved my legs pretty much all winter, and the sad part is that its kinda true. Why bother when I’m always in leggings and dont have a boyfriend? But, now that it’s too hot to wear pants, I’ve had no choice but to tackle my leg hair. And to deal with hair that hasn’t been shaved in so long while also keeping my legs looking smooth and soft, I needed some a-plus products.

Luckily, our Her Campus Summer Survival Kit was full of the products I needed to get a smooth, close shave! 

First things first- a good shaving cream is essential. Not only does the shaving cream protect you from getting knicks and bumps, but a good shaving cream will also leave your skin feeling soft and smooth after shaving. The Skintimate 2-in-1 Shave Cream and Skin Conditioner does just that: it protect and nourishes your skin! Bonus: it can be used on wet OR dry skin, so no more needing to navigate the tiny dorm showers to shave. And the coconut scent is great for summer!

Next, you need a good raise. Gone are the days of just using that cheap, low-quality 3 blade disposable razer! You can get a pack of nicer, 4-blade, scented razors for just $6.50. The Schick Quattro YOU has scented handles to make shaving more fun, and Smooth Protect blades for fewer cuts. 

But leg hair isn’t the only thing to worry about. We all have SOMETHING we do to our eyebrows- wax, thread, pluck, whatever, we all do it, and it hurts. And it can be expensive! What do you do when you have a few stray hairs, but the situation definitely isn’t bad enough to make an appointment with your favorite eyebrow lady? The Shick Touch-Up Razor is perfect for those hairs! It’s like a single, very thin, very fine razor that you can use to just get those little stray hairs.


Colleen Zewe

Saint Mary's '18

I love fall, holidays, PSLs and forcing my dog to take pictures with me for Snapchat.