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Everything I Did Wrong Freshman Year

Freshman year was life changing. You make friends that will last a lifetime, you form connections with people that have similar interests, and you get to live on your own. I’m about to start my junior year and when I think back, there are so many more things that I wish I would have done or done differently. Freshmen, take notes!


Deck out your dorm room.



To this day, I still can’t figure out why I didn’t. I think I was too caught up in the social scene that I totally forgot to print out pictures of my family and friends or order posters! Do it before freshman year so you don’t get stuck paying for it yourself during sophomore year!


Buy a Parka!



I’m from the south and I thought parkas were the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. I went a whole winter with a short North Face jacket. I STRONGLY suggest buying a parka because a numb butt is not a good feeling.

Join every club you have an interest in.



Again, I was way too concerned with the social scene that I didn’t realize that joining a club or organization was the best network to meet people. Don’t put too much on your plate, but definitely make an effort to join as many things as you can! Cliques are so high school and it’s awesome having all different kinds of friends. And it will look awesome on your resume.





I thought I was too cool to utilize these amazing resources. Well, I was an idiot. Math and writing centers at any school are lifesavers. If you don’t understand something, you better go get it clarified. College is the real deal. You can’t dodge bad grades like you could in high school. Welcome to adult hood.


Spend your money wisely.



Yeah, the dining hall gets old and Target runs are frequent but you have to be cautious of how much you spend. College is a black hole and money gets sucked out of our pockets. This is the best possible advice I can give. You will be so tempted to spend your money on all kinds of stupid things. Always ask yourself “Do I really need this? Will I ever use or wear this again?” Believe me, owing your dad money because you ran out is not a fun way to live.


Actually study…



This should go without saying, yet it’s still so easy to convince yourself that you’ll do it later. Academics come first, social life comes second. And once again, I let my social life get the best of me. After several extreme, crammed study sessions I realized that school is so much more important than your social life. You came to college for a reason: to study something that fascinates you, to learn all the necessary skills for your field of interest, and to get a degree so you can get a great job. Don’t let hundreds of thousands of dollars go to waste because you’re too caught up in drinking and partying. You’re lucky enough to be able to go to college, so don’t waste that amazing opportunity.



College is indescribable. Be wild, go crazy, do something absolutely ridiculous. You’ll never have this much freedom again. Asher Roth said it best, “Man I love college.”



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