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Counting Quarters

An ATM fee of $2, a single cab to main circle totaling $3, and a medium Papa John’s pizza for $15.  College students have an new appreciation for a $20 bill when they leave their home and enter the real world of independence.  Just three short years ago, SMC parents would send their daughters rolls of quarters, and by the end of the second semester, girls were desperately collecting 25 pennies to make for a single quarter when they ran out of clean underwear.  Believe it or not Belles, Saint Mary’s students used to have to pay to do their laundry, and those students down the avenue and across the street at Notre Dame still pay to do theirs.


At Notre Dame, it costs $3.50 to wash and dry one load of clothes. That’s $7 per week.  I’d rather spend $7 on a Chipotle burrito.

There are approximately 30 weeks in a year spent on campus.  That’s over $200 spent on laundry in one school year.  Broken down even further, that’s ten $20 bills. And, I know you’re wondering,….that’s 800 quarters lost to the laundry machines.  If you’re still not appreciating the gift of free laundry to Saint Mary’s students, Belles are 28 Chipotle burritos richer than Notre Dame students.  It makes sense that ND students would be envious of the laundry services at Saint Mary’s.

When a male steps foot on the all-girls’ campus, it’s hard to miss him.  Recently, a Notre Dame male was seen with his girlfriend in the basement laundry room of LeMans Hall.  He scored free laundry and free laundry services from having an SMC girlfriend.  He definitely owes her a burrito!    

Of course, there’s no place like home for any college student.  With fall break quickly approaching, students can look forward to their mother providing free meals AND free laundry services.  Plenty of extra Chipotle spending money for us all!

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