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To The College Student Afraid To Live In A Single

All the single ladies now put your hands up!


Whether or not it was your original plan to live in a single, it will be okay. Living in a tiny room with no one else there to experience the stress of college along with me was not my ideal plan for my freshman year. Whenever I thought of college, I always wondered what it would be like to walk into my dorm room on move in day and meet my roommate(s). So many questions and scenarios ran through my head. Where would my roommate be from? Would we get  along? Would we loft our beds? Would I be on the top or bottom bunk?

When I finally picked my roommate, I could not wait to meet her. However, long story short, there were not enough doubles left, and we both had to live in singles. Not going to lie, I was furious. I could not believe I was going to have to live alone my freshman year of college. I already had enough concerns about college, and now this? Now, even more questions ran through my head. Am I going to make friends? How small is my room going to be? What if everyone else is best friends with their roommates? Who will wake me up if my alarm doesn’t? I am now three months into college, and I can truly say that living in a single is not that bad. In, fact I often enjoy it. If you are a college student who is afraid to live in a single, let me tell you a few things.                                                         


1. You will make friends.                                                                                         

Everyone is new to the whole college thing, and everyone is trying to make new friends. If you leave your door open, people will sometimes come in and say hello. As long as you put yourself out there and stay open minded, you are bound to make tons of friends in college. 

2.You are never too lonely.                

Sure, sometimes you might get bored, but doesn’t everyone? Once you make friends, you will find that you end up in their rooms more than your own room. Most of my friends live on the same floor, which is two floors above me. I go there so much that they consider me an honorary fifth floor member. I love it. However, my friends enjoy coming to my room to hang out as well. So, do not fear that you will be alone all the time and not make friends because this is not the case. Although, you may love spending time with friends and hanging out in their rooms, the idea of being able to go back to a room all to yourself is amazing. 

3.Your own time, your own space.                                       

If you need to do homework or work on something and do not want to go to the library or a study room, it is nice to not have to worry about the noise you make or the space you take up. It is also nice that there is no one else making noise or doing something that might distract you. You don’t have to worry about calling your mom or best friend from home at two in the morning. Overall, in a single you get your own personal time and space to do whatever you want. And hey you don’t have to share your food or clothes with anyone (although, you might get more visitors if you do)! 

4.No drama.                                                    

A big worry that comes with having a roommate is what if I don’t like her? or what if she doesn’t like me? I often hear about roommates who do not get along very well. It is times like these at which I am thankful for living in a single. When living in a single the only person who you worry about judging you is yourself.                                        


   After all, you are your own best friend, so do not be afraid to live in a single. It is better than you would expect.

Marie is from a suburb near Chicago, Illinois. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, and traveling to new places. When she's not writing or working hard on school work you can find her attending Notre Dame football games, watching Netflix or snacking on something sweet (or chicken nuggets).
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