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Campus Cutie: Teresa Brickey

This week’s campus cutie is junior Teresa Brickey! You’ve probably seen her around campus, as Teresa is super involved- she’s a ministry assistant, a student worker for the OSI, and super involved in several clubs. If you ever see Teresa around campus, don’t be afraid to say hi- she’s always friendly and excited to get to know fellow belles!

Name: Teresa Brickey

Hometown: St. Louis, MO. (GO CARDS! SAVE NELLY!)

Major: English-Writing and Global Studies – Anthropology 

Minors: Spanish and Intercultural Studies

Favorite thing to get from Cyber: Veggie Burger and Fries! Put avocado and ranch on your burger bc it will shake your world!

Favorite spot on campus: Gloria Jenkin’s Office (Office of Multicultural Affairs) bc snacks, conversation, and a whole lot of love

Clubs you’re involved in: College Democrats Treasurer, Student Diversity Board Social Media Chair, Intercultural Leadership Program, Define American, Feminist United, Campus Ministry, & La Fuerza. I am also joining a faculty/student group called The Real Life Project this semester. I’m pretty excited!

Tip for current freshmen belles: 

Reach out to your professors. Use this time to connect with department heads and really get ahead of the game! Also, it’s okay if you change your major(s)/minor(s). The only person you have to make happy is yourself. And I promise there will be jobs – check out Career Crossings. I also recommend connecting to SB community. Volunteer, walk around downtown, eat on West Ave, visit the farmers market…there’s actually a lot to do in the area! Don’t let the Cornfields fool ya!!  

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