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Say hello to this cutie, a rising senior and SMC volleyball player from New Mexico!

Where are you from? Corrales, New Mexico


What is your major? How did you choose it? I am studying political science and religious studies. I chose them because the two majors make me think critically and ask the “big questions”. I am challenged by the study of religion and how to apply that field to the very political world we live in today.

Why did you choose Saint Mary’s? I chose Saint Mary’s because it is a small, Catholic College…something I was looking for. Also, I am able to play volleyball here, which adds to my experience.



What is your favorite memory from Saint Mary’s? One of my favorite memories at Saint Mary’s is Junior Moms Weekend. The events that Saint Mary’s planned were quite lovely. They included a wine and cheese evening and a sit down dinner. Then we all went to the blue and gold game. To meet the mothers of my very best friends was an amazing thing. The mothers of my friends have really shaped the women that my friends have become. Also, I have gotten the chance to share two years of my experience at Saint Mary’s with my younger sister, Lexi! It has made this very special and we have made so many memories together and have gotten even closer.


What is your cant leave home without item that you need for school? I always need a good pillow from home!


What is the craziest thing on campus (which you are willing to share) that you have done? Climbing the Stepan Center one night at ND!!! Crazy!!!!!!


What is your favorite part of being on the SMC volleyball team? I love the traveling. Last season we went to NYC and I loved it. Also the bus rides to all our local matches are quite fun. We listen to music, do homework, and eat after games together. I love those times.

What is your favorite event at SMC? ND? I love the ND football games. The excitement and tradition surrounding football weekends is amazing! I also love SMC formals. I love that ND guys look forward to coming to SMC. I enjoy the chance to host them for once. 


What is your advice for next year’s incoming freshman or other S’marys students? My advice would be to never pass up opportunities socially or academically. These four years go by fast and this is a special time in our life. My advice is to live in the moment and try and “do it all!”


What is your favorite past time? My favorite past time is walking on campus. I love walking to the grotto or up and down the avenue. Our campus is stunning and taking time to take in the beauty really helps me relax and decompress when things get stressful.


What is your favorite food in the dining hall? Place on campus? When nothing else looks good I make peanut butter banana and honey sandwiches. My favorite place on campus is the avenue. The line of trees gets me every time!! The avenue is what sold me about going to SMC!!!


What is the number one thing on your bucket list to do before you graduate? Either get my whole family out here for a game to tailgate all together as a family or plan a pub-crawl with my friends.

What will you miss most about Saint Mary’s? I will miss being around such remarkable women. I truly seek to be like the women I go to school with and I think that is a unique environment.


What is your life plan? So far the plan is to graduate the spring of 2015 and then go onto grad school. As of now I would like to continue pursuing theology or Christian ethics. Then maybe teach someday.


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Katlynn Kennedy

Saint Mary's

Hey, I am Katlynn! I am a freshman at Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame, IN. I am a computational mathematics and computer engineering major. I am involved in many clubs on campus including our class board, the University of ND college republicans club, the Engineering club, and the Irish Figure Skating Club! I love The Big Bang Theory and The Vampire Diaries. My favorite color is red and my favorite animal is a tie between squirrels and ducks. I listen to alternative punk music, sleeping is my favorite hobby and love hockey and football. (GO IRISH!!)
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