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Campus Cutie: Andree Louvierre

Andree Louvierre is a current junior nursing major.   This lovely lady is from Shreveport Louisiana.  To learn more interesting facts about Andree and her opinion you have to keep reading. 

What is your advice for choosing a school?

Look at the dining hall, no I’m just kidding. I don’t know… Think about the things that matter to you and make sure there are the things you want to do on the campus you are thinking about going to.

Spend a few days there, meet professors .  See if there are people you like at the school because those are the people who you are going to be building experiences with.

Know what opportunities outside of the college there are, like if we went to school in Chicago you could do so many diverse experiences outside of school while in South Bend there are not as many.

If you had to give advice to your freshman self, what would it be?

Get involved in campus.  Spend more time enjoying campus and not stressing about school.  Take more walks to the grotto before you can’t because of the winter.

What are you passionate about?

Life.  Living it, experiencing it, and protecting/defending it.

Why do you want to me a nurse?

Cause I love people and I want to serve and I think the human body is beautiful.

What is your favorite memory at the home campus?

I have two that stick out.

Bellapalooza sophomore year, it was a great experience. I was there with all my friends.  We bounced around and hit each other with summa wrestling sticks.

The first night of the rosary group I am a part of, it was a super awesome and memorable gathering with other Saint Mary’s women to pray and calm ourselves at the beginning of a busy week. I really experience Christ in my fellow belles followed by good conversation and tea in my friend’s room

You studied abroad fall semester of your sophomore year, 2013, in Rome Italy.  What would you say is your favorite study abroad experience?

It is so hard to narrow it down.

My last day in Rome.  We ran around the city trying to fit in everything.  We went to the Jesus steps, a monumental church, bought finger puppets, saw the bones of the capuchin monks, went to mass at a seminary, saw an amazing view of the city from the seminary and one last gelato with the SMC girls who hadn’t left Rome yet.

Another one is my Barcelona trip.  I spent the weekend exploring the city with some of my closest friends.  I took a bike ride tour around the city, made new friends, went to the beach, saw an Imagine Dragon concert and more that I can’t think of right now. 

One last favorite experience would be our Wednesday ritual.  After dinner on Wednesdays a group of us would always walk to the Vatican, just because we could.  One night one of us even got ask out by a Swiss guard.

What advice would you give to people who are deciding whether to study abroad of not?

GO!! It will be the best semester of your life.  Every day will be an adventure.  Whenever will you get to live abroad?  If you go to Rome, when will you get to live in the heart of the city of Roma?

It’s worth not experience winter in South Bend.  There is always another football session, but you can’t always study abroad.

You make really good friends. And maybe you will end up living with your Rome-mate after!

What would be your ideal Friday night?

Take a short road trip with my friends, stopping at fun phot ops, to see an awesome band. Dancing and singing the night away. Followed by late night driving with Frappuccino’s and late night conversation.

What is your go to outfit?

Jeans, favorite sweater, leather riding boots and a scarf

Relationship status?

It’s complicated. No, really. It’s complicated.

What is your favorite movie and why?

Remember the Titans because it just always has been.  I love the music, the story, and the actors.

I love football, but not really just in my head.  I like the idea of football but I don’t actually like to watch it.  The fact the movie is about football but I don’t actually have to watch it is awesome.

How many kids do you want to have?

I don’t know.  I might have 8 or I might be a sister (nun).

What is the craziest thing you want to do before you die?

Cliff dive

Where do you want to live after college?

Africa. Tanzania or Uganda

What is your dream job? If you had no limits

World traveling photographer and cultural blog writer

What do you want to achieve/do before graduating?

Fall in love with Saint Mary’s

Make memorable memories that I will remember forever

Survive nursing


I hope you all enjoyed learning a little bit more about this charismatic campus cutie!




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