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Need some new songs to get you ready for Spring? Love BTS? This playlist is for you!


  1. Serendipity: Jimin’s voice sounds like rolling in a field of wildflowers

  1. DNA: Fun colors, fun beats, fun time!

  1. Euphoria: This is how we feel once the temperature rises

  1. Seesaw: Our little Yoongi serves us sultry spring feels

  1. Anpanman: just like springtime, we are waiting for you

6. Best of me: The sunshine of BTS, J-Hope, will make you feel alive in this song, just as the real sun does in the spring


  1. Her: the upbeat nature is contagious

  1. Paradise: This song needs to be listened to with the windows down

  1. Save me: From this cold weather

  1. I’m fine: Because we are feelin just fine now that winter is ending

Allie Johnston

Saint Mary's '19

BTS enthusiast
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