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Blinky Bob: The Real MVP


It seems we often take for granted the people behind the scenes who make our lives here at Saint Mary’s easier.

Last week, on the 1:30 Blinky back to Saint Mary’s, I found myself talking to “Blinky Bob” as his name has so been coined, about the lack of music playing in the van. He mentioned that the van’s radio had been malfunctioning for the past few weeks and that it wouldn’t be fixed until Spring Break since the van was needed every night. He made a comment wishing that the radio was fixed so he wasn’t spending his nights in silence, but he knew taking people around campus in negative degree weather was more important than fixing the radio before break.

A seemingly meaningless conversation made me think more about the services we have grown to expect at Saint Mary’s, and how I feel I never truly thank them for the things they do that we take for granted, like our safety.

Looking back at my past three years here, I wouldn’t have had the same experiences if it weren’t for security and Blinky coming to the rescue when needed.

Thank you, Blinky(ies)

For waiting for us to park in Angela and taking us back to our dorm in pouring rain and in negative temperatures, even if we are just getting dropped off at Le Mans

For taking us from the library to Holy Cross when we “just can’t even”

For always being at the grotto on time, and always taking everyone back in the same trip, even if that meant we sat in the trunk (best seats in the whole van)

For dealing with a van full of students whining about midterms and freezing temperatures, and always responding with a sense of care.

For playing the CDs students have made for you in the van on weekends

For stopping for deer walking across the avenue, and laughing at students’ excitement from seeing a deer

For always striking a friendly conversation with everyone in the van

For always making us feel safe and genuinely caring about us


Thank you, security (Smickurity)


For picking us up at the grotto at four in the morning after two cups of Cafe Americano and twelve hours of studying for accounting exams

For picking us up at auto shops that are not even near campus when we can’t get back because our cars are in the shop

For taking me to the hospital… twice (for clarification, the trips were for a squirrel bite and to take a friend in for stomach pains).

For responding to a call and picking us up on the road to Notre Dame when my friend and I were scared we saw something in the woods

For giving us eight warnings (tickets) before towing our cars, and wiping the fee from the first ticket

For letting us call and pester you about whether or not we will have a snow day tomorrow, as if you all are the ones who make the decision

For warning us, even over the summer, about severe weather warnings

For telling us if the bus is running late if we are too lazy to walk outside on time

For listening to people ask if you could “deal with the skunk problem on campus” and remove the animals from the grounds

And for genuinely caring for our safety as students

I know this short article is far from a proper thank you, but hopefully you all are aware that we are grateful for what you do for us <3


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