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A Belle’s Guide To Having The Ultimate Spring Break

So there you are… studying away for midterms in Spes when suddenly you realize that finally, the greatest time of the Spring semester has arrived: SPRING BREAK!

After trekking through the snow and putting up with negative temperatures for two and a half months, it’s finally time to kick back, relax, and soak up the sun or depart on an adventure! (Or at least lay in your own, cozy bed!)…but do you have all your essentials?

Lots of questions start to run through your mind:

What will I eat while I’m lounging on the beach? Is there a good book I can read on my 2 hour layover? How am I supposed to pack shampoo in my carry-on? What if I get lost in an unfamiliar place all by myself?

Don’t fret, Belles, because the Her Campus Nationals team has got you covered!

Last week, Her Campus Saint Mary’s received the greatest care package EVER. The Her Campus Spring Break Survival Kit is something we look forward to each year and are excited to finally share it with all of our wonderful writers and readers!

Aside from hooking Therese and I up with two adorable Her Campus koozies, two pairs of swaggy sunglasses, and a couple cute pens, they also wanted us to have enough swag to share with all of you from special sponsors!

The #HCSurvivalKits are FULL of exciting goodies we want YOU to win! Check it out:

Ever heard of SABRE? They have a mission to educate college-aged students by empowering us to take control of our own personal safety! What better way to practice this than to have our very own PINK pepper gel! Even though Belles always party safely, it is still important to be on our guard! With a 12-foot range, an affective, unique formula, and portable size, the SABRE Campus Safety Pepper Gel is sure to be the perfect tool if a situation arises. Interested? The first ten Instagram followers to tag @hcsaintmarys and post a picture of their Spring Break destination, telling us how you will stay safe will receive a FREE pepper gel of their own! Remember to include the hashtag #SafeIsSmart and follow SABRE on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Going away to the beach and excited to get some color on those pale legs of yours? Completely Bare is the most trusted name in hair removal and offers professional results. What better way to enjoy having smooth skin than knowing you won’t have razor burn with their Beauty To Go Sample Wax Pack?! Founded on Madison Avenue in New York City, Completely Bare products are safe and easy-to-use, making sure you can primp up for Spring Break with, “No Heat, No Fuss, and No Mess.” The first ten @hcsaintmarys Twitter followers to tweet us and tell us how you live #completelybare will receive a FREE Beauty To Go Sample Wax Pack! Be sure to follow Completely Bare on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and tag them, as well!

Worried about meeting that TSA travel size requirement for shampoo and conditioner? No worries, because Not Your Mother’s Hair Care has sent us a plethora of travel size shampoos and conditioners! The first ten people to email hannahdrinkall@hercampus.com will receive one Clean Freak Purifying Shampoo and one Clean Freak Purifying Conditioner of their own! Perfect for all you jet-setters! Be sure to follow Not Your Mother’s Hair Care on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for all the latest updates on these wonderfully eco-friendly and mint-infused hair products!

When you’ve got the sand between your toes or if you’re chillin’ on an airport bench, the only thing you need besides a fruity drink or tall coffee is a good book! Let Simon & Schuster introduce to you Taylor Bell’s Dirty Rush. Under the publishing power of Gallery Books, indulge in a story that captures exactly what happens behind closed doors of sorority life. Follow Gallery Books on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Not your type of read? Check out The Intern’s Handbook by Shane Kuhn. This story follows John Lago, a successful, young New Yorker interning at a prestigious Manhattan law firm. (Oh and Dave Franco will be starring in the major motion picture in the near future…)

Two grand prize winners will win. Tweet @hcsaintmarys and tell us why you want to read the book! If you’re interested in Shane Kuhn’s book, please use the hashtags, #internship and #internshandbook. We only have one of each book, so get to Tweeting, Belles!

So now you’ve got your pepper spray on hand, your smooth, hairless legs are tanning in the sunshine, your hair smells great, and you’ve read some great reads, when suddenly your stomach rumbles.

No fear because Luna has sent us lots of yummy. Throwing one of those in your beach bag will be sure to hold you over until dinner, but what will you eat then?! Spring Break or not, we’re still college students who don’t want to spend millions of dollars going out to eat. Grab a friend, Google map the closest Chipotle, and put these BOGO cards to good use! Tweet @hcsaintmarys and let us know how deep your love for Chipotle really is! Remember to tag @ChipotleTweets! Of course, don’t forget to follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Email hannahdrinkall@hercampus.com if you’re interested in trying some Luna mini bars! Limited quantity! Follow Luna on Facebook and Instagram!

With all these essentials, it is close to impossible to not be prepared for the BEST spring break ever! So grab your phones, Belles and get to following, tweeting, and hashtagging and start chasing the sun! All available while supplies last!

Interested in any of the items listed above but don’t have an Instagram or Twitter account? Shoot an email to hannahdrinkall@hercampus.com and let us know what you’d like! First come, first serve!

We can’t wait to share the #HCSurvivalKits with you, our dedicated readers!

Want a chance to win it ALL?! Enter HERE to win a complete #HCSurvivalKit for yourself!

Thanks for reading, Belles, and Happy Spring Break!!


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