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6 Things That Make Going to College in a Cold Weather Climate Bearable

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Saint Mary's chapter.

1. Ugg boots

Despite what some people may say, Ugg boots are some of the greats boots man kind has ever known. They provide comfort and warmth throughout the day and go perfectly with jeans, leggings, sweats… Whatever you decide to wear from now until the end of winter, Uggs will go perfectly with it. They also make you feel sassy AF.

2. Sweaters

Wearing a sweater is like wearing a blanket to class in a way that’s socially acceptable. Pair a cozy one with your favorite pair of leggings and you’ll be sitting in comfort all day long.

3. Leggings

Leggings are pants. There is no need to argue this. It’s scientific fact. They cover your bum and your legs, therefore, they are pants. I didn’t truly begin wearing leggings until the beginning of high school and I curse myself for not indulging in the purchase of good leggings earlier because I rarely wear anything else.


4. Jeans

Many people don’t agree with me on this one, but I love a good pair of skinny jeans to help dress up my look for class on days when I’m actually trying a bit more than usual. I have a personal bias towards American Eagle jeans due to their comfort and wide range of styles. The right pair of jeans will feel almost as comfortable as a pair of leggings and increase the appearance of how much effort you put into your outfit. And who doesn’t love looking effortlessly good?


5. Fuzzy/wool socks

These are a must not only for cold fall or winter days, but also cold Notre Dame football home games. Thick fuzzy or wool socks with a pair of Uggs are enough to stay warm during the morning trek to class or the 4-hour long football game.


6. Dressing for warmth without a care in the world.

Warmth and comfort take priority over being cute. If I’m not comfortable, there’s no way I’m focusing in my classes. While fall and winter aren’t my favorite months, dressing for warmth and still managing to look decently cute makes the cold weather much more bearable.



Grace Kelly

Saint Mary's '20

Grace is a senior at Saint Mary's College pursuing a degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. She's a Kansas native and Hoosier transplant nine months out of the year and when not doing homework, writing for HC or her blog (www.agraceintheworld.com), you can find her binge-watching Netflix or Hulu, dancing like nobody's watching, cheering on the Fighting Irish, napping, or hanging out with family and friends.  
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