5 Make-Up Dupes for Collegiettes Ballin' On A Budget

Ever plan a trip to Sephora or Ulta for one specific thing? However, in some odd way you end up spending hours and hours browsing through the infinite rows of eye shadow pallets or even go around to swatch every single lipstick color on your arm in the store? I know I’m not the only one. With the perfect foundation from Urban Decay, a few lippies from Stila, and a contour set from Anastasia Beverly Hills in your cart, everything is swell until you reach the counter to checkout. “Your total is $150.00. Please swipe your credit card when the screen says to.” Then, you hear your bank account cry as you swipe. Beauty is pain… It doesn’t help if you’re a collegiate student balling on a budget though. Luckily, there are numerous makeup dupes ( that can help make you and your college fund looking fabulous. Even if you are addicted to makeup and is willing to drop every single cent in your bank account, don’t. Here are 5 essential makeup dupes from drugstores that can help.


  1. Try Honeymoon by Nyx ($7) instead of Exposed by Kylie Jenner ($17)


  1. Try Maybelline The Nudes palette ($10) instead of Lorac Pro palette ($42)



3.     Try Eyes The Limit by Hard Candy ($5) instead of Primer Potion by Urban Decay ($20)


4. Try ScandalEyes by Rimmel ($6) instead of Better Than Sex by Too Faced ($23)



5. Try Makeup Mist by Elf Studio ($3) instead of Studio Moisture Fix setting by MAC ($33)

Remember collegiates, high-end makeup products always have dupes. Don’t try to go broke by splurging on that $50 foundation when there is a $10 foundation from a drugstore that works perfectly fine and is exactly the same. Your bank account will thank you later.