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5 Boho Looks For Any Occasion

5 Boho Go To’s 

Take it from the Boho Belle herself. Rachel Skinner ’17 knows that boho chic doesn’t just belong at music fests or the beaches of California. She has taken her everyday classics from Saint John, Indiana to South Bend, inspiring others with her sassy pairings. From a day on the lake to a night on the town, and every look in between, this boho queen will have you on your way to Urban Outfitters before you can say flower crown.

At the Lake or on the Beach:

If Rachel’s not hibernating inside watching Vampire Diaries, you can bet she’ll be out on the lake. See some of the looks she rocks at “The Nut House,” her family’s summer getaway in Southwestern Michigan.

Steal her look!

fedora  $29.50 @ Urban Outfitters

birkenstocks $120 on Birkenstock Online



Rachel’s favorite weekend of the year. For any readers who are not from the greater Chicagoland area, Lollapalooza is one of the biggest music festivals that takes place every summer in Sweet Home Chicago. According to Rachel, “My favorite part about lollapalooza is engulfing myself in good vibes, amazing music, and the best part: eccentric fashion. I take full advantage of this festival because you get the chance to meet genuine people who are here for the good times.”

Steal her look!

crochet top  $12.80 @ Forever 21

high waisted denim shorts $29.50 @ Forever 21


Day Time:

See how Rachel incorporates her boho charm into simple everyday looks.  Fun and flirty sundresses are perfectly matched with faded denim or oversized sweaters.


Steal her look!

floral printed dress $17.80 @ Forever 21

oversized cardigan $79.00 @ Urban Outfitters


Girls Night Out:

On a night out on the town, Rachel likes to keep it simple and fun. Her go tos  are patterned dresses and maxi skirts.

Steal her Look!

printed maxi $59.00 @ Urban Outfitters


 So, will you be incorporating boho into your wardrobe?  Rachel’s must haves include: maxi skirts, her Birkenstock sandals, and a simple bracelet. Happy shopping! 



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