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17 Things All Hot Messes Can Relate To

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Saint Mary's chapter.


  1. Spending $150 of your own money the first weekend of freshman year because you forgot so many necessities at home, which just so happens to be 800 miles away

  2. Spending $30 on Uber charges in one night because you and your friends can’t decide what you want to do or where you want to go

  3. Breaking your phone and spending two hours, four minutes, and 43 seconds online-chatting with Apple because you honestly don’t know how you did it

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  1. Dropping your old phone you’ve resorted to using and cracking the newly-replaced screen the day your screen protector arrives in the mail

  2. Dropping your expensive AF MacBook Pro – that you’re so proud you bought yourself – at the same moment you dropped your phone

  3. Having a colorful and organized planner, yet not knowing what you’re doing with your life

  1. Deciding your planner isn’t enough to keep you organized and buying a desk calendar and a wall calendar to aid your efforts of getting your life together

  2. Setting six different alarms on three different alarm clocks to get you up in the morning, but never actually waking up for any of them

  1. Waking up ten minutes before class and putting on jeans to make it look like you “tried” because you wore leggings every other day of the week

  2. Telling yourself you can do anything and everything, then realizing you can’t, but still deciding to try regardless

  1. Hanging inspirational quotes and posters everywhere and on everything to inspire you to get something done

  1. Deciding to clean your room to avoid writing your Psychology paper, only to find yourself still cleaning three hours later because once you started, you couldn’t stop yourself

  2. Owning a t-shirt that says #hotmess that you bought on sale for $3 in a D.C. Metro station, yet being too afraid to wear it because it perfectly describes you

  1. Waiting two weeks to laundry because looking cute comes second to your busy schedule


  1. Leaving your clean laundry in the basket for an additional week because you’re too lazy and too busy to put all that laundry away

  2. Being laughed at by your friends for every stupid thing you’ve ever done in person, and later again for their social media accounts

  3. And finally, realizing your life is one big laughable moment and realizing the best thing you can do is learn to laugh at yourself
Grace Kelly

Saint Mary's '20

Grace is a senior at Saint Mary's College pursuing a degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. She's a Kansas native and Hoosier transplant nine months out of the year and when not doing homework, writing for HC or her blog (www.agraceintheworld.com), you can find her binge-watching Netflix or Hulu, dancing like nobody's watching, cheering on the Fighting Irish, napping, or hanging out with family and friends.  
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