Ways To Live Sustainably

It’s common knowledge by now that we only have 12 years to fix climate change before the tipping point to where it can no longer be fixed occurs. Yet somehow, there’s no emergency alarm going off in many people’s heads, including those who run the government. Climate change is a global crisis and is not to be ignored. Even though the U.S. government sadly will not do much to address or help this problem, there are a few ways where you can help. It’s time that everyone takes responsibility for the planet and to start living sustainably, which means we need to do more than just recycling.


Besides recycling, here are a few ways you can help:


1. Only buy produce that is locally grown

If you don’t live in California or anywhere near where avocados are grown, you don’t need to be eating avocado toast every day. The shipping of exotic produce from place to place is harmful to the planet.


2. Turn off all your lights when you leave your room or apartment


3. Write to your local congressman


Voice your concern about climate change to politicians in charge.


5. Only vote for people who are willing to do whatever it takes to stop climate change


Please vote!


6. Get a shower timer to keep you from taking long showers

Don’t hang in the shower for longer than you need to.


7. If you can, eat a plant based diet

If not, limit how much meat you consume. Especially red meat and beef.


8. Stop buying bottled water 

Get a water filter instead for drinking water. Have a reusable water bottle. You can also have a reusable cup for coffee or tea, even at coffeeshops.


9. Get a minimalist wardrobe

Invest in some long lasting clothes that you love and would wear every day. 


10. Thrift shop

When you need new clothes, hit up the thrift store instead of Forever 21 or H&M


11. Go digital

Have your bills sent to you through email or digitally. Send invitations, money, anything that can be sent digitally, just do it. Take notes digitally if you can.


12. Unplug electrical items when you’re not using them


13. Fluorescent light bulbs only

If you haven’t already switched your light bulbs to fluorescent, you should switch asap. Also, you’ll save more on your electric bill.


If you have a dog or cat


14. Buy natural kitty litter instead of the one that clumps


15. Buy food for them that only contains chicken or meat from smaller animals. 

Giving a carnivorous animal a vegetarian or vegan diet is not an option. Instead, avoid food for them that contains meat from large, grazing animals such as cows.


16. Make sure that litter or bedding is biodegradable


17. Always pick up your pet’s poop

Waste from your pet can be harmful to the environment. Dispose of it correctly.


Right now it’s important to be smart about how we consume and how we can change our lives to make it more sustainable. Always remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle!