What It’s Really Like Going to College with Your Best Friend from Home

While I was deciding what college to go to, one of my best friends since middle school, Casey, had already decided on attending Sacred Heart University. I did not let that influence my decision completely, but of course, having a best friend with you away at college is definitely a plus. I eventually committed to Sacred Heart University and decided on rooming with Casey. This caused quite a stir up from people we knew at home. A lot of people said that we would end up fighting a lot and ultimately have our living situation not end well.


They also said that we wouldn’t make any new friends while we were away at school and not live a typical college student life. We didn’t let these comments affect our mentality of this new chapter in our lives.

Flash forward to August 25, 2018: the day we move in for our fall semester of freshman year. The both of us were nervous and excited, but definitely not letting the comments that everyone has made get to us. After the first week of classes and settling in to our new lifestyle, we had already made new friends but still hung out with each other. We even introduced each other to our new friends and hung out with each other. These friendships lasted up until now in our sophomore year of college, and we all hang out together all of the time. Casey and I also got closer because we lived together all of freshman year. We still live with each other, and we plan on living with each other for the remainder of our time here at Sacred Heart. Moral of the story, if you plan on going to college with one of your besties from home, go for it. Don’t listen to the negative comments people say about the situation. Do what’s best for you!