What It Is Like To Live With Your Best Friends

In college, it is such a great feeling knowing that you have found your people. You are never alone and you will always have someone to turn to. These friendships will last way past your 4 college years. One of the biggest highlights of my college years thus far is living with my 4 best friends. This is what you have to look forward to… 

  1. You know each other’s schedule better than your own. 

So when they’re not home right after class you begin to wonder where they are and why they didn’t come home fast enough. 

    2. You have permanent dinner dates so you never have to worry about eating alone. 

Because no one wants to be like Spongebob.  

    3. You still text each other even though you’re right in the next room.


You can basically talk through the thing walls, but you decide to text each other instead. 

    4. You can always look forward to daily dance parties.

I think this dance routine from Mean Girls is on all of our playlists. 

    5. And late night ice cream runs… 


The second any one mentions ice cream, I’m there! 

     6. When you go home for one weekend, you miss them.

You just can’t live a day without them. So going home for one weekend is the absolute worst! And let’s not talk about the withdrawal we go through during long breaks… 

    7. You always have someone to talk to and you know they’ve got your back.


Everyone needs a Meredith Grey, Christina Yang relationship. Someone who is honest, caring, and straight forward. 

    8. You know so much about each other that it can get kind of weird sometimes.  


Sometimes your friends know more about you than you even know about yourself. Weird, I know; but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

    9. You are always borrowing clothes from each other closets. 

There are just some days (or most days) when you don’t like the options in your own closet so you go to the other 5 closets in the house. That’s what roommates are for anyway, right?! 

     10. You would do anything for them. 

Because you are as close as Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

And most importantly…You couldn’t imagine living with anyone else! After all, were all in this together.