What Every Girl Needs To Survive Spring Break As Told By Amy Schumer

Ladies! It's officially April, which means the start of day parties, trips to the beach and most importantly spring break! What better way to talk about the awesomeness of spring break rather than the very awesome lady herself, Amy Schummer! She's hilarious, funny and knows how to party with these spring survival kit essentials:

1. AZO Products 

In a crunch with a UTI? Who the heck wants to meet new people with one of those? Not this chick! AZO Cranberry Gummies are perfect because they work with your body super fast. They equal one 10oz glass of cranberry juice! Plus, they taste good! No more icky meds, am I right? 

2. Brappz

These Brappz straps are super comfy and super colorful! Hook them onto strapless bras, overposing tops and more. Attach Brappz with our two way detachable hooks and use the holes provided to adjust the length. Wash with water only!

3. Circle Pay

Need to split a tab with your bestie on spring break? Alcohol bill too big? Do not worry! Circle Pay is an app that allows you do just that - recieve money in an instant with this mobile app. Here's a bonus! Enter SB2016 on the app for a chance to get $1,000 toward your Spring Break trip!

5. Milani Eyeliner

Yassss girl work it!

These sparky eyeliners come in four awesome colors: black, purple, green, and blue. Show off your wild side this spring break, and put some glitter in your life. Plus, these Milani eyeliners are waterproof!

6. TRESemme

TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner and TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo is the way to go! Switch your steps for a different style! Perfect for the beach, going out or meeting a guy. Woohoo!

7. CEA Study Abroad

CEA Study Abroad gives students the chance to part...errr we mean "study" in Europe, and earn college credits. There are 21 locations around the world located in 12 countries. CEA is currently enrolling for summer and fall!

8. Vera Bradley

More like hello beautiful! The Vera Bradley travel essentials, like the Ella Tote and ZIP ID Case, are perfect for throwing in all your essentials for the beach! Perfect in size and super adorable!