Ultimate Gift Guide (For Gifts Other Than Candles and Gift Cards)

March marks the month where each of my three housemates turns 21. This exciting month also means the added stress of finding the perfect gift for my closest friends. It always seems to be most challenging to buy gifts for your best friends, knowing that you want to get them something special. While I normally turn to gift cards, candy, clothes, and candles, I decided to brainstorm gifts that will actually be memorable for some of the most important people around me.

Pro tip: If you are stressed about purchasing gifts for friends under the all too familiar college budget, team up with your friends to buy a combined gift that the recipient will love!

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  1. 1. The Comfy- $40


    For the friend who loves being cozy, The Comfy is the ultimate gift… in the slight chance they don’t already have one! The Comfy is a must have for virtual classes where it has now become acceptable to come as you are.

  2. 2. Birth Month Flower Growing Kit- $34

    Succulents assorted in pots

    Uncommongoods.com This kit creates a more personalized touch to a home decor gift. This plant is not only an adorable addition to your apartment or dorm room, it is also unique to the birthday girl. In addition to just looking cool, this gift doubles as a fun little diy activity.   

  3. 3. Coffee of the month subscription box- $60

    person reading poetry books next to tea and flowers

    Atlascoffeeclub.com For the coffee lover in your life, this monthly subscription box features international coffee products of the receiver’s choice. The coffee box is sent right to their door, and is a gift that keeps on giving all year round!

  4. 4. LifePortable Instant Photo Printer- $50


    Instant photo printers are a complete game changer. They create an easy way to immediately print photos and put them on your wall. In addition to making wall colleges, this photo printer has several fun abilities including making labels and stickers that your friends will be obsessed with.

  5. 5. For The Girls Party Game- $25

    A gif of the cast of Bridesmaid running towards a location


    This hilarious card pack is the perfect addition to any girls night or birthday celebration. The deck is filled with truth or dare cards and most likely to prompts, which never get old.