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Types of Friends You Make at College

We all know going that moving away to college and making all new friends wasn’t the easiest thing to do. You’re thrown into an environment with tons of new people from all different places and with all different personalities. Here are the types different of friends you’re pretty much guaranteed to make in college. 


1. Your roommate(s).

 Roommates are the first friends you meet at college. Especially during the first few days, this person is your go to for everything: who you eat with, go out with at night, and everything in between. You adjust to the college life and experience your college-firsts together that later become some of your best memories. I couldn’t imagine how different my life and college experience thus far would be without my first roommate. 

2. Your Greek friends (shoutout to my Zistas!).

Most people join Greek life with the intention of making more friends and creating a network for themselves. Not only do you become super-connected with those within your organization, but you get connected with all the members of Greek Life on campus. Whether you stand behind the same philanthropy or help to support each other’s, you’re always sure to have fun at every Greek Life event you go to. Lifelong friends are made throughout the process. 


3. Your floormates.

Let’s be real, you probably thought some of them were a little weird when you first met them, but after a few awkward bump-ins in the bathroom, you became best of friends. Not only do they become another wardrobe to go to or a room to run to when your roommate needs some privacy, they also become your front line soldiers.


4. The kid in your class you always see but don’t actually know their name.

Maybe they don’t technically count as a friend, but you’re sure to make a few of these along the way. They have your back when it comes to studying for tests or getting those notes you missed. It’s nice to have someone to struggle through class with and understands how crazy your professor can be.


5. Your “person.”

No matter what, when, or how, everyone always ends up finding their “person.”  You’re eerily similar to each other in ways you never related to anyone else. You’re into all the same things, and the way you vibe together could never be replaced or matched by another person. They’re sure to make it into your wedding party one day. 

All in all, you’re sure to have made at least one type of each friend. Although different from one another, you could never picture your life without each one of them in it. 

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