Trader Joe’s Must- Haves For College Students


As a college student, it is often hard to find time in each busy day to cook a nice meal. Trader Joe’s has so many great options to incorporate into your busy schedule. You will be sure not to miss a meal again. Here are some of my favorites.


1.         Everything but the Bagel Seasoning



I am unsure how I have gone as long as I have without this. The Trader Joe’s everything bagel seasoning is everything! Add it to anything you desire- my favorites are eggs and avocados.


2.         Mini Avocados



For the avocado toast lovers, these mini avocados are the perfect size for one piece of toast. It is a fast, easy, and delicious breakfast or snack option! Add your Trader Joe’s everything bagel seasoning for amazing flavor and you are ready for your day.


3.         Vegetable Fried Rice



This vegetable fried rice is an easy dinner option. In a microwave or skillet you can cook this in two minutes or less. Bring Hibachi night to your dorm and I swear it will not disappoint.


4.         Cauliflower Pizza



If you are a New Yorker attending college out of state, or even a college student looking for a healthy alternative, the Trader Joe’s cauliflower pizza is delicious. I like to add veggies and seasonings on top to add extra flavors and make it more filling. Seriously, a great alternative for pizza night!


5.         Cold Brew cans



Speaking on behalf of everyone, coffee is a must for every college student. Keurig coffee is great but some days you just want a nice iced coffee and you do not have time to stop on the way to class. This is a delicious option, and comes as a black cold brew or French vanilla flavor.


6.         Cauliflower Gnocchi



This cauliflower gnocchi is a must have in your freezer. It is so easy and quick to make yet it tastes like a five star restaurant. Add some marinara, pesto, or alfredo sauce and you have a delicious meal in less than 10 minutes.


Now head over to Trader Joe’s and thank me later. Buon appetite!