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Top 5 Must-Watch Makeup Gurus on YouTube

Makeup is an art. Although it is not easy in the beginning, these makeup gurus can help you through it. Like anything in life, practice makes perfect. So girl I can promise that one day you can do that winged eye liner like a boss! (but with the help of these five makeup gurus).


1. Carli Bybel


Carli Bybel is a must watch YouTuber! She makes every video you can imagine like get ready with me’s, product reviews, and must-have beauty favorites. She also has her own eyeshadow and highlighter palette which exudes her glamorous style!


2. Desi Perkins


Desi Perkins’ YouTube channel is versatile so it will have a video for everyone. Whether it is a flawless make up look, a smoky eye, or a funny video of Desi doing her brothers makeup, you are bound to find something of interest. She even did Kim Kardashians makeup so check her out!!


3. Jaclyn Hill


Jaclyn Hill SLAYS the YouTube game! She does it all from festive looks, to celebrity tutorials, and drug store hauls. You can definitely find something you love on her channel. She even has her own eyeshadow palette that is full of a variety of colors so you can get any desired look!


4. Olivia Jade


Olivia Jade is one of my absolute favorite YouTubers! She is only 18 years old, yet super talented. She films monthly favorites, get ready with me’s, everyday makeup routines and so much more so you are destined to fall in love with her channel!



5. Alexandrea Garza


Alex Garza is my go-to makeup guru on YouTube! She is very passionate about makeup and fashion and that really shines through on her channel. You can expect to see holiday looks, seasonal tutorials, foundation routines, monthly favorites, and everything in between! She makes doing your makeup easy to follow along and fun to watch so check it out!



Now click over to YouTube and check out these 5 awesome gals!

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