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It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year (or so I think)…Greek life formal season.



Yes you heard me, formal season has arrived. Who’s going with who? Who’s wearing what? Long dresses or short dresses? If you’re as confused as I am, here are some tips and 2017 winter styles that might make this formal a little easier and enjoyable.


“Who’s going with who?”

Dates are probably the most talked about part of formal season. Everyone acts as though they have to have a date for formal. Let’s just stop this ridiculous allegation right here, and right now. Just because you do not decide to bring a date does not make you the odd one out. It is perfectly acceptable to not bring anyone to formal. Girls, if you do decide to bring someone, whether that be a guy or a girl- choose someone who will make your night that much more memorable. It’s also 100% okay to bring your best girlfriend or even your best guy friend. Just because you bring a guy does not mean you have to sleep with him that night.  


“Long dresses or short dresses this formal season?”

This formal season, it appears long dresses and jumpsuits are taking over. These trends are making it all the way from the store fronts onto the dance floors. Don’t be afraid to be different and rock a long dress even if your best friend is wearing short. This formal season, let’s try not to base our looks off other girls and what they are wearing, but how sexy and good we feel in our own styles.


“Matching dresses at formal?”

This is a big concern during formal season…having the same dress as another girl. DO NOT PANIC IF THIS HAPPENS. Although most formals have Facebook groups where girls can post the dress that they are wearing to avoid multiples of the same dress, if something happens where a girl is wearing the same dress it is honestly not a big deal (unless you want to cat fight with her, then take it outside). There are so many people that attend these formals that the odds of anyone noticing is slim to none.


Even though this might not be the only formal you will attend or have attended, remember to make the most of this night and create amazing memories with your friends. Rock your sexy dress or jumpsuit, be proud if you choose not to bring a date, and complement (or cat-fight) that girl that happens to have the same dress as you). One day we will all look back and wish we could experience another CRAZY formal season…I promise. 

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