Tips I Wish I Knew Before College

Here are some weird but important tips I wish I knew  before college!


1. Do your laundry on weekdays.

Adjusting to a new schedule and life is hard enough as is that this might seem impossible to do but you will thank me later when the entire building also waited till the weekend to do there laundry too. If you procrastinate your entire Saturday will be spent waiting around for an empty washer and dryer. 

2. Go to your professors' office hours! 

This is probably drilled into your head by your parents already, but coming from an actual student it makes all of the difference in not only your knowledge of the material but also your grade. Not many students take this opportunity and when a professor sees you coming to their hours, it shows you care. They get to know you on a personal level and not just as their student, and this can later help boost your grade because they know you are putting in the effort. 


3. Get a tutor! 

My precalculus tutor and my biology tutor were truly the reason I passed these classes this year. Most classes offer tutors to help you so do not feel weird asking for one! What many students don't realize is that so many students utilize tutors around campus. Tutors are a great resource to reinforce the material from class or to give you a different view on comprehending the material. 

4. Finally, don't expect to make your set group of friends the first week of school. 

I myself didn't find my group until the very end of the first semester. This is part of the college experience, meeting new people and finding the group that fits you best.