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Tips For Anatomy and Physiology

Just recently my Junior year began, and it has surely been a busy season for me navigating an upperclassmen course load. The entirety of my time is taken up by learning about the human body and how we function as people; which I won’t lie, is very interesting to say the least. However, any science class in college is difficult to manage and can cause a lot of internal fluster. Throughout the past few weeks – I have cried, panicked, laughed, and have also learned a thing or two about the beauty in time management. Therefore, I am going to be offering you some tips on how to absolutely ace your Anatomy & Physiology class.

  1. Use your planner-

Though at Sacred Heart there is no busy work for Anatomy, there are certainly a few exams that you need to constantly be wary of. By utilizing your planner and navigating when to study for anatomy within your day’s course load you should be on a good path to success within the classroom. I tend to mark any dates I should master my material by as well as when certain tests or projects are due. This is important to do within any class so you are more than aware of when assignments are due by.

  1. Treat Anatomy like you do a language – it is an abundance of material that takes time to master and succeed at understanding. Break up the lectures and listen to a sector of it each day so you are thoroughly able to take everything in. I tend to break up the PowerPoints into how many days of the week lay ahead so I can effectively study and understand such rigorous material. 
  2. Reach out for Extra Help-As I have emphasized, this particular class is hard and it is essential that you allow yourself to ask for help and resources if needed so you are able to succeed. You should aim to attend your professor’s office hours so you can better communicate your needs to comprehend the material you are absorbing. Specifically for Anatomy, find time to explore the lab room to study the modules and various structures.
  1. Quizlet is your best friend – Considering most of Anatomy is memorization, Quizlet is an essential resource to quickly master information, along with flashcards and other forms of study habits. Whatever helps you study and works for you; use it to your advantage!

Though Anatomy and Physiology is a tough class, it is absolutely manageable if you put the necessary time and effort into your practicing. I have taught myself to thoroughly enjoy the information I am absorbing while I endure this strenuous process. 

Madison Miller

Sacred Heart '23

Hi everyone - I’m Maddy Miller from Narragansett, Rhode Island, and am studying sociology on the path to become an Occupational Therapist with a double minor in psychology and writing?Her Campus means so much to me and gives me an expressive platform to be myself and to showcase my creative potential. I am fortunate to be a editor for Sacred Heart University!