The Timeline of Transitioning from Syllabus Week to the Rest of the Semester

You are officially back at your favorite place: the SHUbox. Being home for the holidays was great, but you couldn’t wait to come back to your second home, far away from your parents and every single person from high school. Plus you get to enjoy the best week of college - syllabus week! A week free of responsibilities and any actual work, if only school was like this forever, right? The only bad part of syllabus week: when it ends. This hard transition usually goes something like this:


1. Sitting down in your first class of the second week of school realizing you’re not actually sure if you want to be in this class at all.

Why did I even pick this class? Who are these people? It's going to be a long semester. 

2. The panicked feeling you get when you realize you didn’t write anything down from your classes from last week or actually read the syllabuses. And then you figure out you already had homework due.

C'mon, I thought this was syllabus week for a reason?

3. Realizing you might actually need a notebook after going to your third class of the week. Lucky for you, you're still clinging on to that single sheet and a pen that you borrowed stole from the person next to you.

What's a notebook? I have to take notes now?

4. Completely giving up on actually getting dressed for class and returning to your old ways of just showing up in what you slept in last night. 

Sweatpants, hairtie, chillin' with no makeup on. 

5. The long, sad walk you take to the library for the first time once you realize you have actual work to do.

I hate this place. Correction, I loathe this place with all of my being. 

6. However, you've decided you appreciate the walk because you’ve already given up on your New Years resolution to go to the gym more often. (You’re like waaay to busy)

I wonder if this walk will burn off the calories I drank last night. 


7. Realizing that you (for some reason) signed up for an 8 AM, therefore you can’t stay up until 4 AM watching the Bachelor anymore.

Seriously though, did I make my schedule drunk or something? So many regrets. 

8. Experiencing immediate FOMO and depression when you realize you cant attend G Star 3 days a week. 

But how am I suppose to function as a student with the Star?!


9. The slight loss of hope when you realize there’s a significant number of weeks until your next break.

It's not like I have a countdown on my phone or something...

10. Relief and returned hope when the weekend FINALLY arrives and you realize you just might make it the rest of the semester.