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Time Management Practices To Help Maximize Your Day

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sacred Heart chapter.

College is a busy time for everyone. And sometimes it can feel like you’re racing against time, trying to survive with your schedule and commitments. It can feel like a struggle to just be on time and to get through your jam packed day.

I know this feeling better than most students, with sports, extracurriculars, leadership positions, and jobs on top of the maximum credits and the work that comes with them. People wonder how I can fit so much into my daily week, and the key is good time management. Once you master how to manage your time, everything else becomes easier. Here are some practices that will help you master time management and therefore maximize your day. 

 1)  Recognize The Length of Your Daily To-Dos

Figure out how long it takes you to do your usual tasks- getting ready in the morning, driving to school, walking to class, eating lunch, etc. Once you know how long these things take, only allot yourself that much time towards them. Obviously give a few extra minutes because nobody’s perfect, but if you know how long your usual activities take, you can better plan your time for everything else.

2) Hustle When You Have To

I’m not saying you have to physically run everywhere, but if you can make time for a few extra events or activities or squeeze in another meeting if you hustle, then you should. It frustrates me when I miss something or I could have finished an assignment if I had just pushed a little harder or worked a little faster. Hustling can give you more time for other, more enjoyable things later.

3) Give Yourself Time to Relax

It’s unrealistic to schedule out every minute and hour of every aspect of your day. When it’s needed, yes, time manage to the max. But make sure some days or even some hours of each day, give yourself the free will to choose the speed and activity. Sometimes it’s laying around, watching a show, sleeping, or simply doing nothing. You need honest time to yourself, to control your life when most of the time it feels like it controls you. 

4) Sleep is Essential

Managing your time always requires getting adequate rest. By knowing your body and how much rest you need, and then utilizing good sleep practices, planning your morning becomes easier. I always set a few alarms to give my body time to wake up and start the busy day ahead of me. Basically, respect your body and it’ll work for you in return. That means let yourself rest, nourish yourself, and then managing the day becomes not just achievable but expected.

Mia Sansanelli

Sacred Heart '23

Sports Communication and Media Major Journalism and Sport Management Minors Women's Soccer Player Sacred Heart University '23