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Nineties fashion is coming back better than ever this season! So why spend a fortune on these trends when you can THRIFT the real deal? 

Big name retailers are taking full advantage of the iconic 90s styles that honestly should never have faded away in the first place! The relaxed and fun feels of cargo pants and corduroy, paired with delicate items like slip dresses and silk accessories are effortlessly perfect. I am here to share some advice to all readers out there, in the small chance that you don’t already thrift your 90’s staples… DO IT! 

Thrift stores and second hand stores are home to pieces of clothing right from the 90s. You can find one-of-a-kind clothes that cost a fraction of the price of the sweater vests and jackets made by Urban Outfitters, PacSun, and American Eagle. 

Here are some of my favorites to keep an eye out for at your thrift store: 

1. Corduroy

Perfect for fall, corduroy pants and jackets add a great texture to accompany denim. Although pricey at the big name stores, corduroy is seen in abundance while thrifting. Look out for bold colored corduroy pants, cropped lengths, and fun olive and orange shades.

2. Plaid Flannel Shirts: 

Check out the men’s section for oversized flannels. I love the look of flannels over a hoodie. To make your flannel outfit more put together, tuck one side of the flannel into mom jeans and leave the other side loose and relaxed! 

3. Oversized T-Shirts 

Big and funky graphic t-shirts add great color to a lounge outfit. My favorite way to style oversized graphics are to layer them with a turtleneck underneath and jeans with platform shoes. Oversized t-shirts are another great find in the men’s section of thrift stores. The most exciting thing about thrifting is finding graphics that look almost identical to the ones at Urban that go for close to $50! 

4. Sweater Vests 

Who would have thought that sweater vests would come back. While at first I was naïve, I can’t help but be obsessed with the look of layering sweater vests over a classic button down shirt for a sleek and elegant look. Pair with a claw clip, oversized gold statement jewelry, and a handbag for a head turning look. 

5. Silk Headbands 

Nineties hair accessories are everywhere. Claw clips, scrunchies, and silk wrap headbands are the perfect addition to any outfit- casual or dressed up. Look for silk scarves in your local second hand store which can be used for wrap headbands, belts, or as is!

Anna Bernasconi

Sacred Heart '22

Hi! My name is Anna and I'm a current senior marketing and management student at Sacred Heart. I am passionate about health and fitness, all things fashion, and volunteering in my community.
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