Thirsty Thursday: The Worst Drinking Mistakes

It's Thirsty Thursday! In honor of all the collegiettes who will be going out tonight, here are the top 10 worst drinking mistakes!

I think the most obvious, common drinking mistake is drunken texting.  Whether it’s a family member, a co-worker, or your ex, everybody has had their fair share of being mortified when looking through their texts from last night in the morning.

Along the same lines, there is drunken snap chatting, or worse, snap-storying or tweeting for EVERYONE to see.

Falling.  Especially in heels.  While you may laugh when seeing another person fall on their face after a night of drinking, you will not be the one with the last laugh if you are the one falling.

Waking up your entire room when you get back.  Your “drunk whisper” sounds more like a scream to your friends who stayed in that night, and they will not be happy with you in the morning.

Eating.  Perhaps one of the most dreaded to think about while sober, but one of the most desired things while drinking.  Watch out for those infamous munchies!

Being “that girl” at the party or club.  You do not want to be tripping over people and shoving people out of the way, or making people uncomfortable.  People go out to have fun, not to deal with girls who can’t control themselves.Throwing up in public.  When drinking you gotta learn your limits, and if you must throw up, get to the bathroom in time!

Passing out or falling asleep.  You know countless photos will be taken of you if you fall asleep.  Save yourself the embarrassment and save the Zzz’s for your pillow!

Hookups.  Drunk goggles tend to automatically be put on after a few drinks.  Try not to do something you will regret, like hooking up with an ex, or a boy who has a girlfriend, or a boy who you will be embarrassed of in the morning.

You should all know this one, but drunk driving is a huge mistake.  Do not drive to a party when you know you’ll be drinking, and don’t get into the car with someone who’s been driving. Stay safe!