Thanksgiving: Do's and Don'ts

Fall is a wonderful time of year consisting of two major holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving. Once the stress of finding a costume to wear is over, things calm down in November with the anticipation of Thanksgiving. It seems like each year Christmas is overshadowing Thanksgiving more and more.

Christmas decorations start showing up in stores as early as October! It is important to not forget about Thanksgiving, so here are a couple Do’s and Don’ts to have a great Thanksgiving.


Do: Wear comfy clothes so when you’re feeling full after dinner you don’t even need to unbutton.

Don’t: Go on your phone during dinner. We live in a digital age, but we shouldn’t let that affect us seeing family, especially some we haven’t seen in a while.

Do: Show your gratitude for your family and friends. Show them how much you love them (maybe by helping to chef-it-up in the kitchen!)

Do: If you chose to go black Friday shopping, do some research before facing the crowds. Most of the time, stores will keep the same sales going into Friday. Instead of facing the crowds late at night or early in the morning, get a good night's sleep and take on the sales the next day. 

The most important part of Thanksgiving is to take the time to relax and reflect on the past year. Although the Do’s and Don’ts above are quirky, the most important one is to remember to show gratitude to people you care about. We never know when things in our lives could change, for better or for worse, so we should live in the present this holiday season and soak up the gravy.