The Suite Life of Sacred Heart



Many of you have probably heard about the students who are residing in the Trumbull Marriott, and with that, probably have some curiosities about it.  Well here’s the scoop:


#1.  We are taking advantage of this gorgeous weather while we can.  Having a pool just two floors down from us (both indoor and outdoor), is extremely convenient. They even provide us with towels! *Less laundry is a plus.*

#2.  The Parallel Post restaurant located in the lobby has amazing food that we have the option of ordering from. All we have to do is walk downstairs to pick it up.  We can pick from a wide range of fancy dinners, or stick to a simple burger and fries.


#3.  Our hotel is surrounded (and by surrounded I mean walking distance) by places like CVS, Target, Dunkin Donuts, and McDonald’s.  Anything we could ever need, right? 


#4. Contrary to popular belief, the school is not a half hour away from the hotel.  Our travel time ranges from 7 to 20 minutes because of the unpredictable traffic on the Merritt Parkway. 


#5.  The beds at our hotel are BEYOND comfortable--and big, too! We have full-sized beds which is a nice change from past years, and we sink right into them. No mattress pads needed! In addition, the room comes fully equipped with a flat screen television-- I'm not complaining. 


#6. Once a week, we hear a knock on our door. That knock is the sound of the hotel staff who cleans our bathroom and takes out our garbage. Does it get much better than that?


#7.  There is a gym downstairs on the same level as the lobby.  It is so convenient that there is really no excuse not to go!

#8.  Unlike the current parking lots at SHU, the Trumbull Marriott has ample parking spaces for everybody.  The spots designated for SHU students are outlined in red (personalized for us). For those who don’t have a car here in Connecticut, there is a new shuttle that runs from the school to the hotel.


#9.  The hotel staff is more than accommodating and very friendly.  They are just as new to this as we are, and they always give a warm greeting whenever we see them.  Kudos to them for taking on this many college students!


#10.  We have our own thermostat in our room and the air conditioning is always blasting, especially in the hallways of the hotel.  After coming in from a long hot day, the air is so refreshing.  Perfect temps and climate control! 


I will say I had my doubts about living in a hotel room for my junior year of college. However, this past week has put my worries to an end. For all those feeling sorry for us Marriott residents, let me know when you want to use the pool.